Finally, Sony Confirms 'God Of War 4'; Watch First Trailer Here; Game's Timeline Set When Kratos Is Still Mortal?

The long wait is finally over -- "God of War 4" is indeed coming! During the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) press conference, Sony unveiled the title's first gameplay demo. The video finds a long-bearded Kratos along with what appears to be his son, as they hunt down a series of vicious creatures.

It seems all the rumors about Sony unleashing the first look-see of "God of War 4" at E3 are true after all. It should be noted that a reliable insider revealed the big introduction a few days prior to the said event.

And yes, "God of War 4" is in the making. According to The Verge, the first ever gameplay demo of the upcoming installment has been showcased at E3 by Sony. And contrary to the supposed Norse protagonist, Kratos is still taking the spotlight.

But this time around, fans will be treated to an aged Kratos who is already a father. The "God of War 4" footage finds him and his son Charlie in the midst of a jungle, with monsters lurking in every corner. The video also showcases the familiar hack-and-slash movements from the iconic character as well as the signature fast-paced event cutscenes.

GameSpot, on the other hand, notes that the "God of War 4" trailer seems to project some noticeable RPG elements. Not only does it has archery knowledge points, but it also features a so-called "Spartan Rage" timed-skill during fights.

As of this writing, Sony has yet to release further details about the upcoming "God of War 4" game. In fact, some suggest that the title is yet to be official. That the new installment is rather a reboot of the series, in which Kratos is yet to gain immortality.

Furthermore, it remains a mystery if "God of War 4" is set in a timeline prior to the character being beholden to Ares. Or perhaps, if it is either set before or after the events in Ancient Greece. But of course, expect Sony to unveil the answers in the next few weeks to come!

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