'GTA 5' Update: 'Finance And Felony' DLC 2 Leaked? A Mysterious Item Worth $27M Found In Game

There has been a lot of things happening in "GTA 5" recently. One is that a leak pertaining to the second part of the game's newest DLC "Finance and Felony" has surfaced. Second, a mysterious item worth $27M has been found in the title's files. These are, of course, worth investigating.

The newest DLC of "GTA 5" Online is titled "Finance and Felony." Here, Rockstar Games treated fans with lots of stuff such as new vehicles, tug boats and aircrafts, among others. While the content is still high on hype, the studio is looking to continue burning the fire.

According to Movie News Guide, the game files for the titular "GTA 5" include a code which is called EXEC 1. It is reportedly specified "as for" the newly-arrived DLC. This code specifically stirs rumors about a possible EXEC 2, something that could refer to the second part of the aforementioned downloadable content.

The name, in particular, is already interesting. If Rockstar did intend to name it EXEC 1, then there is every possibility that a second one (EXEC 2) exists. And if this is true, then "GTA 5" online mode might be receiving the second part of the pack.

As of this writing, the studio remained mum about the discovery. No confirmation or whatsoever was released, leaving the rumor as it is. But of course, this is something that will surely enthused "GTA 5" fans.

International Business Times, on other hand, reports about the mysterious $27M-worth "GTA 5" item. The said item was reportedly discovered by a well-known "GTA" tipster named Funmw2 (also known as Fun De Panda). He said to have acquired the item from the game files, with the item's price code being displayed.

It is still unclear, however, if the "GTA 5" item refers to a brand new high-end apartment or a new yacht or whatsoever. Nonetheless, many believed that it could have been scrapped from the game's "Executives" DLC -- or, perhaps, the newest one titled "Finance and Felony."

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