Latest 'GTA 5' Update Introduces New Cars, Adversary Mode; Rockstar Details Game's Power Play

Just recently, Rockstar Games unleashed a new "GTA 5" update across all platforms. Not only did it introduced new vehicles, but a new Adversary mode was also brought in. Here is everything the studio wants the game's community to know.

According to VG247, new set of cars are being introduced to "GTA 5" with the latest update. But make no mistake -- they can be fast, but their prices can go beyond the roof.

First on the list of new "GTA 5" vehicles is the sophisticated Grotti X80 Proto. This one alone costs a staggering $2.7M in-game currency. But despite the whopping price, its features are all exceptional. Above all, it is deemed as the fastest car in the game.

Below are some of newest "GTA 5" cars Rockstar added to the game. Their corresponding prices follow.

  • Vapid FMJ: $1.7M
  • Pegassi Reaper: $1.5M
  • Enus Windsor Drop: $900k
  • Grotti Bestia GTS: $610k
  • Bravado Rumpo Custom: $130k

Moreover, players who will log to "GTA 5" no later than June 27 will be able to acquire free Grotti t-shirts. And not just that, they can also get double RP as well as cash just for simply playing the new Adversary mode.

Speaking of Adversary mode, "GTA 5" developers is poised to unleash a brand new one and is called the Power Play. The latter basically introduces a new way of dominating the game, as reported by Daily Star. The Power Play Adversary mode allows players to boost themselves (as well as their allies) with new special abilities. This can certainly be a huge lift, especially if pursuing the ultimate goal in the game.

The aforementioned "GTA 5" Adversary mode includes a total of six power-ups. However, it should be noted that their effects are temporary and thus should be utilized wisely. The power-ups include "Beasted, "Zoned," "Doped," "Raging," "Flipped" and "Dark."

  • Beasted: Allows "GTA 5" players to transform into a beast.
  • Zoned: Slows down time, giving snipers a very huge advantage tactically.
  • Doped: Dulls an opponent's and, as the name suggests, gives a trippy feeling.
  • Raging: Gives a ramage-like ability to the whole team, increasing damage.
  • Flipped: Gives players the chance to flip their opponents.
  • Dark: Heavily focuses on giving "GTA 5" players well-time stealthy attacks.

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