Facebook Crisis On The Rise; Peter Thiel Outvotes Zuckerberg And Sandberg? Thiel's Life Filled With Controversy?

Facebook and its success has been one of the most taled about in the social media industry. However, success sparks crisis as well. Notions of the board facing division are escalating. Partly due to the news that Peter Thiel got more votes than Zuckerberg and Sandberg during the board of directors voting process.

It may be a surprise for others, but for some, the outcome of Peter Thiel getting more votes and being re-elected to Facebook's board of directors is not a new thing at all. However, along the line, queries are surging regarding the life and work of Peter Thiel.

For one, despite being one of the board of directors for Facebook, Thiel was linked to funding legal cases set against Gawker Media. For the uninitiated, Hulk Hogan is being linked to Thiel's name regarding his claims to invasion of privacy.

Moreover, according to Quartz, Thiel's financial assistance led to Hogan winning the $140 million in damages for a sex tape published by Gawker Media. In addition, many notions have risen regarding the personal vendetta that Thiel has implemented towards Gawker but it did not affect Thiel from rising to power and getting the position of being one of the board of directors for Facebook.

Another thing that was noticed during the meeting was that Thiel was not present at all and yet garnered 6.04 billion votes to approve his nomination, gaining the second mark following Reed Hastings. Surprisingly, Thiel got more votes than CEO Mark Zuckerberg and even Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg.

Though rising rumors have been surging, Facebook is not at all baffled by neither the rumors nor the scrutiny. To prove the latter, Facebook's marketing strategies have moved forward by signing deals with other media companies and celebrities as it preps up to launch its Facebook Live app, reports WSJ.

As per rumors of Facebook in crisis, it has been debunked as the giant social media is still up on the pedestal and aiming for more innovations and programs that will solidify its presence in the social media world.

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