New 'Overwatch' Competitive Play Slated For Big Updates Once Launched; Game Earns $269 In May Sales

"Overwatch" is slowly becoming as of one the most loved games of today. And it sure is, after reportedly earning $269M in the month of May alone. Now, that is a boatload of money so to speak. With its success, it is safe to say that Blizzard will continue to build the hype. In fact, the studio is looking to bring further updates once the brand new Competitive Play is launched.

According to VentureBeat, "Overwatch" is deemed as the number one highly-priced PC game, particularly in terms of sales in the month of May. It earned a whopping $269M, a figure so big when it was only released in the 24th of the said month.

As for the console category, "Overwatch" arrived at the fifth spot for overall digital revenues. The category already includes both microtransactions and full-game acquisition (or downloads) from the title's main website It also covers the sales acquired from both PlayStation and Xbox Stores.

All of these "Overwatch" sales put Blizzard on greater heights. Well, this is most especially when something as big as $269 is earned.

The gaming industry is said to have a worth of $99.6 billion annually. Digital sales on mobile, PC and across the web reached a figure of $6 billion in the aforementioned month. What is more interesting? 11 percent of this in May was earned by "Overwatch" with full force.

Sure enough, this should inspire Blizzard to do even more for the game. In fact, they are -- "Overwatch" is slated to have a brand new Competitive Play mode. And even if it is yet to be released, the studio plans to make further improvements and updates for it, as reported by IGN.

"Overwatch" Competitive Play is said to receive lots of changes, particularly on how it should work. For example, the initial match for so-called maps Assault, Hybrid and Escorts will be slighty reduced to four minutes. The original time was around five minutes, but was changed in order to generate matches even quicker.

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