New 'Overwatch' Competitive Mode Features, Gameplay Revealed; Game Surpasses 'League Of Legends'

When "Overwatch" was released, it further cemented the status quo of Blizzard in the digital gaming realm. It proved what a great developer the studio is. Now, the company is expected to release the so-called Competitive Mode at the end of June, only in a new wrapping. Moreover, fans might be happy knowing that the title has removed "League of Legends" from its throne.

According to IGN, a brand new Competitive Mode is expected to arrive to "Overwatch" courtesy of Blizzard. It is slated for a release this month, though no exact date has been officially announced. And yes, it is quite far from what the beta has introduced.

Game director of "Overwatch" Jeff Kaplan said that the upcoming new Competitive Mode will have no tier-based progression system. Instead, it will efficiently and directly correlate the matchmaking rate of a player to his skill rating.

If this is the case, then "Overwatch" players will finally get to see their own skill ratings as well as the others. In fact, the overall (or average) skill rating of particular team is also made available for the naked eye.

The downside of this new "Overwatch" Competitive Mode, however, is the frequent plummeting of a player's rating. However, this is the kind of competitive process that Blizzard deems to pull attraction from the game's fanbase.

In related news, the popularity of "Overwatch" has finally made some huge results. And yes, it is quite huge as dethroning Riot Games' "League of Legends." The recently released online multiplayer first-person shooter video game has nabbed the top spot in Korea's online game ranking. It finally brought down "LOL's" 203-week reign in the charts.

According to The Korea Times, "Overwatch" clinched the number one spot in all of PC games. It acquired a whopping percentage of 29.36, defeating "League of Legend's" 29.17. Well, clearly, the difference is not that wide; however, it still put Blizzard's title to the throne.

Prior to the release of "Overwatch" game, "League of Legends" is said to have maintained a market share of more or less 40 percent. However, when the former was released, Riot's title slowly went down to around 30 percent on the first day of June.

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