New 'Overwatch' Characters Revealed, Golden Weapons As Competitive Play Rewards

"Overwatch" is certainly one of the newest and biggest games nowadays, and developer Blizzard still has lots of plans for their latest title. The studio is poised to release not only two, but three new characters. Aside from that, they have completely revamped the Competitive Play of the game. From now on, players can expect some cool rewards, one of which is the so-called Golden Weapons.

Currently, "Overwatch" players are treated to a total of 21 heroes. But of course, given the kind of developer Blizzard is, the hero pool is sure to grow. And above all of these, fans can utilize them for free -- yes, without breaking a bank.

Now, as reported by PCGamesN, the studio is planning to unleash three new characters. But first and foremost, these "Overwatch" characters do not arrive all at once. The company is known for unveiling them one by one.

First on the list is "Sombra," the Support Sniper. This "Overwatch" character did not exactly go over the rumor mill, as she came directly from a three-part video series courtesy of GameSpot. On the video, a sniper scope is seen on the computer screen of a designer. She appears to have some sorts of cybernetic-armor, topped with a blue hood.

Next is Athena, the Support AI, though she is not entirely a new "Overwatch" character at all. She has been in the game for as long as the beta has been released. Basically, Athena is the in-game announcer, informing players when the battle starts or if their teams win, among others.

Lastly, the rumored new tank hero is named Liao. This hero is deemed as one of the founding members of "Overwatch" along with Reaper, Solder: 76 and Pharah's mother, among others. In fact, this character is likely to be released first. Why? That is because Blizzard has since been receiving feedback from the community regarding the need of a tank.

In related news, the California-based video game company is set to release a revamped "Overwatch" Competitive Play. And one of the biggest changes it will have is the rewards system. According to Eurogamer, the studio is including some "awesome cosmetic rewards" in the newly-built system. One of the most highlighted is the so-called Golden Weapons.

There will be customized golden hammer or golden gun, both of which will surely be easy favorites. It should be noted, however, that Golden Weapons are unlockable. "Overwatch" players with the highest skills have more chances of unlocking them.

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