'Fallout 4' Update: 'Nuka World' Is Not Really The Last DLC, Bethesda To Release More Come 2017

"Fallout 4" will soon receive its third DLC from Bethesda titled "Nuka World." Most fans believe that this will be the last and final content for the title. However, the studio is actually poised to release more next year. This is definitely something that will pique the interest of many.

"Nuka World" is the third downloadable content scheduled to embrace "Fallout 4" soon. It is slated to arrive across gaming platforms sometime in August. The price is quite affordable so to speak -- that is, US$19.99.

According to Christian Today, the upcoming "Fallout 4" DLC is going to introduce an amusement park. It is believed to be swamped with Raiders in which players will have to battle against with. It was once an area full of entertainment and stuff, but is now deemed as a total wasteland that is divided into various zones.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, Bethesda revealed the coming of three DLCs during their presentation at the recently concluded Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). And sure enough, "Fallout 4" fans have witnessed the arrival of "Contraptions" DLC, which arrived last June 21. Meanwhile, the second content titled "Vault-Tech" is slated for next month.

Most "Fallout 4" fans and gamers alike believe that the studio only plans to unleash a total of three downloadable contents. However, as reported by GamingBolt, there will be more. The company's very own Pete Hines hinted what appears to be a possible direction they will undergo.

Hines iterated that despite the announcement they did at E3, the decision (to release or cease contents) is up to him and the "Fallout 4" team. And of course, for now, the three DLCs will remain as revealed. Nonetheless, the door to making more is always open.

The likelihood of Bethesda developing yet another "Fallout 4" content is quite plausible. After all, the game has grown into a massive hit along with a huge following. So it is only right if the Maryland-based video game company continues to support the title in the future.

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