'Fallout 4' Update 1.5.4 Goes Live, Offers Vast Improvements; Some Fans Not Happy With What Bethesda Is Doing To The Game

Much to the surprise of many "Fallout 4" fans, Bethesda released the 1.5.4 update. It has arrived to PC, offering improvements for the game's performance. And not just that, there is an increased particularly for the mod text. Meanwhile, there are reportedly fans who are not happy with the status quo of the game.

According to WCCFTech, the Maryland-based video game company released the so-called "Fallout 4" update 1.5.4 recently. It arrived first to PC, but other console (Xbox One and PS4 in particular) owners can download it now.

The new "Fallout 4" update introduces improvements, tweaks and features -- all of which are unique to the title. One is the general stability as well as some few performance fixes. If weapons and armors are reportedly losing mods in the past, it is now fixed.

Update 1.5.4 also provides an increased in "Fallout 4" mod text, so as to provide optimized readability. As for the Load Order Menu, it now effectively displays the texts especially when highlighted.

Below are some of the patch notes for "Fallout 4" update 1.5.4.

  • Most Popular filter will now toggle between Daily (by default), Weekly and All Time
  • Reporting categories is being added when players report a particular mod
  • Disable and/or Delete All Mods now displayed in Load Order Menu
  • Mods not downloading properly are fixed
  • Mods not appearing accordingly in the Load Order menu are fixed
  • Mod details page now displays the Count of Ratings

Meanwhile, "Fallout 4" seems to have acquired a number of disappointed fans, especially with how Bethesda has changed the game from time to time. PCGamesN reports that the titlle gradually became a huge void. That some fans, in one way or another, have no clue to what the it is all about.

Sure, "Fallout 4" has the most distinctive narrative as far as the whole series is concerned. However, it fails to project a specific identity, let alone a particular direction. That fans are left with nothing but a shot at two worlds -- one being the game's poor story restricting players and the other being an open-world with no goals at all.

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