'Fallout 4' Update: 'Contraptions' DLC Is Simply Good, PS4 Mods Still Having Problems

The newest "Fallout 4" DLC titled "Contraptions" has finally arrived. And without a blink of an eye, it made huge waves in the game. Fans seem to have found a new way to enjoy Bethesda's titular title. Heck, they even made fun of a notable character. While this is certainly a joy, there is also a bit of a frustration -- particularly in the modding community. Unfortunately, the game's PS4 mods are still having issues.

According to Kotaku, the latest "Fallout 4" downloadable content "Contraptions" offers players a good variety of wide-range tools. And make no mistake, all of these are great for building complex gadgets and/or out of this world machines.

The aforementioned DLC is so good that "Fallout 4" players have found a new way to enjoy it. This time, it is by way of putting the popular characters in the spotlight. There were players who put Preston Garvey on a trap, while others discover pillories and Mama Murphy to coexist with each other.

Bethesda has surely given "Fallout 4" fans a huge treat. After all, people love to enjoy stuff that they have built on their own. And this is exactly where the studio rang the bell.

While there are a good number of "Fallout 4" players happy with "Contraptions," some are just not. But this one, they are referring to the game's PS4 mods. Bethesda along with Sony continues to have issues with the game's modding features and whatnots in the aforesaid console, as reported by Paste.

In fact, even "Fallout 4" mods in both PC and Xbox One are reportedly experiencing issues as well. That all the expectations were unmet and the gaming experience, in particular, was just a complete mess. Some known modders say that the console limitations is among the many problems the community is facing. That despite a mod being able to perform incredibly, if it is not up for running on a console, it is still useless.

"Fallout 4" mods are expected to hit PS4 within the month, as previously announced by the studio. However, with the current situation it is facing, it puts the release window in a huge dilemma.

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