'Overwatch' Devs Notice The Hate Towards Torbjorn, Thus Character Gets Some Fixing

"Overwatch" has become one of the most quickly loved games of today, thanks to Blizzard. But of course, it is not always moonlight and roses. Some fans are reportedly hating the turret-specialist hero Torbojrn, as the character proves to be too powerful for its own good. Well, fortunately, the studio has heard them and plans to make some utmost changes.

According to Polygon, the said "Overwatch" character will be receiving a downgrade as the following month comes. Torbjorn, the hero with so much love towards turret-building, will be revamped as soon as the next patch for the game arrives to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

"Overwatch" game designer Jeff Kaplan made the interesting reveal via Reddit, iterating the problem towards the aforementioned hero. The studio plans to limit Torbjorn's damage to at least 30 percent. But as for PC owners, the long-bearded character will remain the same.

The upcoming "Overwatch" patch is slated to arrive anytime between mid and late July. As of this writing, its certifications are still pending, awaiting confirmation from the respective console makers.

As reported by Mashable, the Swedish dwarf "Overwatch" hero is just too powerful to handle. He specializes in building massive turrets, something that can actually bring a whole team down. The issue (or something that can be deemed as "imbalance"), however, is only present in the game's Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions.

"Overwatch" PC version does not really find it problematic. Well, this is for the fact that both mouse and keyboard controls have finer accuracy compared to that of the consoles. And with that being said, the turrets, most of the time, find their targets without sweat.

Since the issue with Torbjorn only concerns the gaming consoles, the upcoming "Overwatch" patch is only confined to them. PC owners can expect no changes in the game. As of this writing, Blizzard has yet to announce the exact release date of the said patch.

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