How 'Fallout 4' Differed From Previous Games Thanks To 'Contraptions' DLC; New Patch Arrives, Brings Mod Improvements

The latest "Fallout 4" DLC named "Contraptions" has finally arrived. And sure enough, it made the game a notch higher from previous installments. Simply put, the newly-added content has given the title some distinctive styles. Meanwhile, a new update has been released to PC, introducing a number of fixes and improvements.

It holds true that "Fallout 4" differ from its predecessors for a whole bunch of ways -- from building all the way to crafting. And as the latter takes a significant role in the game, Bethesda is witty enough to keep the fire burning. The latest DLC titled "Contraptions" not only magnifies the cemented game experience, but it also provides two distinctive styles -- the adventure of free-roaming and the not-so complicated process of having a homestead.

According to Geek, the aforementioned "Fallout 4" DLC has various components attached to it, lots of which are simply additional whatnots specifically for settlements. However, it is interesting to know that manufacturing stuff actually have some fascinating value.

One primary example are the massive machines that players can build in their settlements. But not just that, these can also be utilized as pre-war items (i.e. ammo, food, clothes and decorations). Sure, these may have no direct influence on "Fallout 4" players' adventures; however, it is a template that defines the exploring the wasteland from building settlements.

This, in one way or another, has brought the whole "Fallout 4" gaming experience to another level. And yet, the "Contraptions" DLC is just a jumpstart, so players will surely be treated to more.

Meanwhile, WCCFTech reports that a new "Fallout 4" update was released. Its main focus is to improve mods and tackle several issues and/or bugs. It has already arrived to PC, while owners of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will acquire it within the week.

Among the improvements, "Fallout 4" latest update offers more space text on the mod details page. More so, players will now be able to utilize the so-called Most Popular Filter in they want to toggle between Daily (set as default), Weekly and All Time. Interested players can check the whole patch notes here.

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