"Overwatch" To Acquire Two New Playable Characters, One To Arrive As A Surprise; Blizzard Working On New Competitive Mode, Maps

Looks like Blizzard is going big with "Overwatch" anytime soon. The studio is poised to release a brand new competitive mode, pretty much different from the original one (beta). Apart from that, fans can expect new characters to arrive.

According to University Herald, "Overwatch" will be receiving some updates in the next few months or so. After all, the studio has been very vocal about their intentions to bring new exciting stuff to the game. The forthcoming updates are believed to introduce a revamped competitive mode along with some new interesting playable characters.

Although Blizzard has yet to confirm it, "Overwatch" is still believed to have some great hero additions. Reports suggest that the company wants to keep everything under wraps, avoiding possible disappointments from fans and/or players alike. Well, at least, it is safe to say that the devs are really cooking for something quite interesting.

Two of the rumored upcoming "Overwatch" characters are named Sombra and Liao. Game director Jeff Kaplan iterated that Sombra, in particular, might arrive like a thief in the night, suggesting a surprise appearance. In fact, as noted by IGN, Kaplan and his team have already laid out some few hints and/or clues on the game and it is all up the fans to discover them.

Apart from the upcoming heroes. Blizzard is also reportedly working on a brand new competitive mode. Although it has already been introduce in the beta phase, it is said to have different features. The studio claims that this new "Overwatch" competitive mode is exactly the kind of feature that allows players to have a worthy competition.

As of this writing, further details about the new "Overwatch" competitive mode remains a mystery. The company, however, is expected to unravel the truth about it anytime soon. Furthermore, new maps will also be introduced to the game and are in fact in the development phase already.

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