'God Of War 4' Has No Multiplayer Feature? Game's Story Redeems Kratos

"God of War 4" is now one of the most talked about games of today. This is most especially when Sony finally unveiled the new title at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event. And from time to time, fans got to learn new information about it. Now, the game is confirmed to not include a multiplayer feature. Nonetheless, it is interesting to know that the iconic Kratos will be given a shot at redemption in the latest "GOW" installment.

According to GameZone, the tech giant's director Cory Barlog confirmed the latest news about "God of War 4" not having a multiplayer feature. That unlike its predecessor "God of War: Ascension," the upcoming title will instead introduce new features.

Barlog also mentioned about Kratos' son being a significant addition in the game. That he is no typical child and is designed to give a huge impact to the iconic character. As seen in the first "God of War 4" trailer, the Greek demigod is teaching his kid the ways of haunting.

The forthcoming "God of War 4" will introduce fans to a brand new setting. Here, Kratos will find himself a complete stranger to the vastness of the Norse lore. It remains a mystery, however, if he will end up fighting against the God of Thunder Thor or the great bearded Norse god Odin.

Christian Today, on the other hand, reports that "God of War 4" will give Kratos the chance to redeem himself. If the previous games were all about him seeking utmost vengeance against the Greek gods, the new installment will be a different one.

"God of War 4" brings Kratos to a final stop. That finally, after some ups and downs, he opted to leave his home and find serenity in the forest of Scandinavia. And sure enough, he did -- he even acquired a family of his own.

Sony has yet to unveil a "God of War 4" release date. Currently, further details about the game remain under wraps.

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