'God Of War 4' Update: Norse Storyline Finally Confirmed? Game's Secret Gems Revealed

Fans have since been hoping for "God of War 4" to happen. After all, the franchise is just too good not to be given one more try. Well, their wishes have been granted when Sony finally confirmed the game's released at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event. But now, the question: what will be the installment's storyline? Will it cover Kratos' life prior to wielding the Blades of Chaos? Will the game really introduce some Norse gods?

When Sony started their presentation at E3, they did it with a huge bang -- "God of War 4" was finally unveiled. But instead of the traditional Greek chaos, the highly favorited Kratos is seen dripping in what appears to be a Norse mythology-driven world. Heck, he even now has a son.

According to Alphr, the "God of War 4" trailer shown at E3 finds a more restrained Kratos. And surely, one of the eye-catchers was his son of whom he was teaching the ways of hunting. Also in the trailer, a number of trolls and other sorts of creatures are seen having an epic battle against the said protagonist.

It is still a mystery if what the people have seen in the latest "God of War 4" trailer is a nod to a possible Norse mythology storyline. After all, Sony has kept the game's details hidden in wraps, especially its release date.

Kotaku, on the other hand, cites that "God of War 4" introduces a new kind of Kratos. That although he is an immortal demigod of sorts, he still has a little life left. And with this realization, he chooses to pursue a different kind of path -- a more family-oriented one, that is.

In fact, there were even lots of "God of War 4" fan theories since the trailer's released. Others believe that, in one way or another, Kratos will soon become the popular bearded Norse god Odin. Well, the protagonist's beard says it all.

While all of these are pretty interesting, it is still up to Sony. Well, at least, "God of War 4" is coming.


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