'No Man's Sky' Is Finally A Reality; Why Fans Should Be Happy With The Title Going Gold

In the past, lots of fans were quite skeptical about "No Man's Sky." After all, it has been in the development phase for almost four years already. However, it seems the title is finally seeing a daylight. Yes, the game, after so much anticipation and waiting is already finished.

According to Tech Radar, "No Man's Sky" developer Hello Games teased its fans by posting a photo via Twitter. The image shows the studio's founder Sean Murray along with his team, seemingly celebrating the finished version of the title.

Moreover, Murray proudly boasted that "No Man's Sky" has turned gold. Certainly, this is a good way to conclude the "4 years of emotions."

"No Man's Sky" has been in the backseat for almost four years. Not only did it deal some delayed launching shenanigans, but the title also battled some legal issues, particularly on its name).

PC Gamer notes that the term "gold" refers to the practice of creating a "gold master" version of a game. If this is the case with Hello Games' upcoming title, then "No Man's Sky" has finally acquired its very own full and final release version.

With "No Man's Sky" turning into gold, players can expect all patches to be working accordingly. As for the development process, it no longer is a void. And above all, fans can expect to get hold of the game anytime soon.

"No Man's Sky" was supposed to be released sometime in May, but its release date was further pushed back. The studio made an effort to try to have it done and unleashed by June; however, it proved to be a burdened. As a result, the title is getting a launching window sometime in August.

Well, this is surely a good day to live for all anticipating "No Man's Sky" fans. And of course, for Murray as well. Remember: he got some death threats in the past, something that was believed due to the game's release date being pushed back.

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