'No Man's Sky' Update: What We Know So Far

Just recently, fans of "No Man's Sky" has heard the good news. The game has finally been marked with gold. With that in mind, it is good to know what sort of things players should expect. After all, the wait has been all worth it.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, Hello Games has finally announced the conclusion of "No Man's Sky" development. That, at long last, the game is ready to be served. In fact, it has already gone gold. By gold it means that a game's full version, with no withstanding shenanigans whatsoever, is already generated.

It is no late night news that "No Man's Sky" is among the most highly anticipated games for PC and PS4. It was originally announced by the studio sometime in 2013. In fact, due to a number of release dates being postponed, founder Sean Murray himself has acquired a handful of death threats.

According to PC Advisor, "No Man's Sky" is slated for a release come August 10 this year on Europe and UK. Although the game is deemed as an indie title, Sony believes it has all the potentials to become a massive hit. Well, even the hype can stand as proof to that.

As of this writing, "No Man's Sky" is expected to arrive for both PS4 and PC. Its Xbox One version remains a mystery, though some are suggesting that it is unlikely to happen at all. Apart from that, Murray also iterated that the title will be made available with a VR support.

Wired, on the other hand, reports that "No Man's Sky" will be introduced along with an eargasmic soundtrack. Take note, it is no ordinary soundtrack, it is "procedurally generated music." The band 65daysofstatic responsible for the melody has reportedly decided on exploring a "two-pronged attack." First is that they recorded the game's soundtrack via a linear stand-alone composition. At the same time, though, they manage to collect a huge sound library of distinctive sounds and/or instruments, among others.

Simply put, "No Man's Sky" soundtrack is generated via an algorithm of sorts. This is just among the many things that can surely spur the interest of fans.

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