'GTA 6' Update: What We Know So Far

"GTA 6" has been in the rumor mill since time immemorial. Lots of fans are eagerly anticipating its release, though Rockstar remains subtle when it comes to unleashing updates. Nonetheless, there have been reports about its possible release date as well as the location it will feature. Although these are still to be confirmed, here are what fans ought to know for now.

Fans were hoping for the studio to unveil "GTA 6" at the recently concluded Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). However, to the dismay of them, it did not happen. Hence many were wondering what the new installment could really be about.

According to Gospel Herald, there is a possibility that Rockstar might release "GTA 6" along with the release of the Xbox Two and PlayStation 5. Take note, both are deemed next-gen consoles, with the list of games supported remains a mystery. If this is the case, then it is possible that the title will be developed specifically for these consoles.

As for the location, "GTA 6" is said to take fans to a new environment. If the previous installments featured places located in the four corners of the United States, the upcoming title will be introducing London. Apart from that, there are also talks about it being situated in San Diego. Either way, this could certainly present a new kind of experience for the fans to enjoy.

Neurogadget, on the other hand, reports that "GTA 6" is also rumored to bring combined maps featured from previous installments. This is certainly a very ambitious move from the company. If it happens, though, it is indeed going to be a hit.

Aside from the combined maps, "GTA 6" is also believed to introduce right-hand drive cars. Of course, this is only justifiable if the game is definitely going for a London-themed environment. Nonetheless, this could somehow affect the gameplay -- most especially the players for that matter.

As of this writing, Rockstar has keep putting the curtain downs for "GTA 6" as well as its possible features. Although the game is confirmed to happen, it still a matter of when it will be.

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