'Pokemon GO' Is Making History, Overtakes Google Maps And SnapChat; Game Exempted From T-Mobile Data Cap System Until 2017

The "Pokemon GO" hype is definitely real, as more players all over the world join the quest to becoming a Pokemon trainer. And sure enough, there is no stopping the game from beating every odds. First, it dethroned Tinder, and now, it is looking to dominate both Google Maps and Snapchat. Meanwhile, T-Mobile users will be happy knowing that the game is exempted from the company's data cap system.

As of this writing, "Pokemon GO" has already amassed a staggering 21 million users. And take note: the game has not even reached its prime, so expect for the numbers to go even further.

If "Pokemon GO" has previously beaten Tinder, Google Maps and Snapchat are likely to be overtaken as well. According to Gizmodo, the mobile game currently has 11 million users on Android alone. This figure is indeed quite close to Google Map's estimated 14 million. Heck, the iOS users were not even counted just yet.

It should be noted that "Pokemon GO" users were only around 8 million in the last few days or so. However, in just a short period of time, the numbers dramatically increased. The same story can be applied to Snapchat, despite being a new fad of today.

Without a doubt, more and more people are using "Pokemon GO" compared to today's mobile apps. This is a relative proof that lots of Pokemon fans are eager to follow Ash's footsteps.

In related news, T-Mobile users will surely be bouncing in joy, after the company decided to exempt "Pokemon GO" from its data cap system. PCMag reports that subscribers of the said mobile operator company have been given unlimited data so as to access the game until August next year.

Whether or not the craze about "Pokemon GO" ends very soon, T-Mobile users will enjoy unlimited data either way. And the aforementioned end date is still far from today.

The unlimited data promotion was part of the company's marketing stunt. Surely, the people behind this strategy understand the impact "Pokemon GO" has had on the public.

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