'GTA 6' Could Either Be In London Or San Diego, Massive World Map Expected

If there is one game that fans have been so eager to hear about, it is no other than "GTA 6" from Rockstar Games. Until now, it remains a mystery as to when it will be released, or if the studio ends up doing it really. As of this writing, here is what the supposed game is all about.

According to Neurogadget, a couple of places has already been connected to "GTA 6" ever since. Nonetheless, the two that stand out are San Diego and London. There is a higher possibility, however, of the latter being the choice, especially with the people involved are British. Hence it would make an awful lot of sense.

If London will indeed be the "GTA 6" location, then it would present a handful of things new to the community. Aside from the new kind of gameplay it will offer, players might likely be introduced to right-hand drive cars.

In other reports, another "GTA 6" location is also being put in the center stage - Tokyo, Japan, that is. In fact, this setting has already been decided by the development team as early as "GTA Vice city" days.

Whether or not "GTA 6" ends up with the other, the only possible thing to happen is its existence outside the United States. And this despite being already made in the original "Grand Theft Auto," which is also a London-themed title.

Christian Today, on the other hand, reports about a speculated "GTA 6" feature called the World Map. This is likely to happen if and only if the location of the game happens to be outside the U.S.

The aforementioned "GTA 6" feature will reportedly allow players to traverse the world. And yes, this is a very ambitious one from Rockstar; however, if done properly, it could a lot of things for the franchise as a whole.

"GTA 6" is believed to be released sometime in 2018, if the five-year timeline pattern is to be followed. It should be noted that "GTA 4" and "GTA 5" have the said gap prior to its respective release. Nevertheless, there are those who said that the upcoming title might say daylight in 2020.

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