Yelp Helps Pokemon Go Players By Adding New Filter

On Friday, July 15, Yelp has announced a new feature that aims to help Pokemon Go players.

According to CBS Philly, Yelp is the latest company to try taking advantage of the Pokemon Go craze, by adding a "Pokestop Nearby" filter to its review mobile app. Yelp's new filter shows users business located near a Pokestop. Pokestops are locations where Pokemon Go players can stock up on game supplies.

The new Yelp feature is asking Pokemon Go players to help identify what businesses are near a Pokestop. Yelp's Pokestop map is still a little sparse at the moment, but as Pokemon hunters head out again this weekend this could change fast.

According to Engadget, Yelp's new filter can be utilized when searching for businesses through the mobile app, in addition to other filters like "Good For Lunch," "Good For Brunch," or "Happy Hour." The PokeStop filter is not embedded into Yelp's services through a Pokemon Go API, but it is rather relying on customers and gamers using the "Review A Business" option to offer feedback on whether or not a location offers a PokeStop.

Yelp service is a business finder that can be used to search for locations of various shops, ranging from educational facilities to nightlife nightclubs. Now, Pokemon Go has become a hot topic of discussion on Yelp in the conversation threads.

According to Cinemablend, Yelp's initiative to rely on users to provide feedback on Pokestops appears to be working because Pokemon Go enthusiasts can't wait to visit some locations in order to catch rare Pokemon. Analysts consider Yelp's move as a smart one that will likely help the company boost their own market profile.

Up to date, the popular Pokemon Go game has become available in various countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain and Italy. It is expected that the game will be launched soon in many other countries.

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