'GTA 6' Update: Game To Introduce Three Major Cities, New Features And More!

"GTA 6" has been in the rumor mill since its predecessor was released, with fans still waiting for a single definitive word from Rockstar Games. Now, there are reports suggesting that the supposed title might feature three major cities as well as a massive map.

According to Christian Times, the upcoming "GTA 6" could introduce three new places -- namely, Tokyo, San Diego and London. Although there has been no confirmation or whatsoever, many believe that these could be the locations the studio is looking at.

Nonetheless, most "GTA 6" sources are leaning towards a possible London-based theme. This all rooted from the fact that the people involved in developing the next title are all but British.

Neurogadget points out that if "GTA 6" is indeed set in London, a lot of changes should be expected. Among these, having right-hand drive cars are likely to be included.

Aside from the aforementioned possibilities, a new "GTA 6" feature is also expected to be introduced by Rockstar Games. It will be the so-called World Map, which will allow players to travel the world with ease. Sure, the idea of such a map is quite ambitious; however, fans are reportedly hoping for it to happen.

If this "GTA 6" World Map feature happens, then it is safe to say that players will have a "Teleportation" option. This could help them transport from Point A to Point B. But of course, this should be taken with a grain of salt, with the company remaining silent about the game's developments.

"GTA 6" is rumored to be released sometime in 2018, if the five-year pattern is to be followed, as previously reported here at iTech Post. If not, the most feasible year could be 2020, the year in which both Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 consoles are scheduled for launching. This would make the title as the first ever game to be released for the aforesaid consoles.

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