'Pokemon GO' Introduces Dating Service 'PokeDates': Here Is How Players Can Use It

Almost everyone in the world that owns a smartphone plays "Pokemon GO" in one way or another. So it is not really surprising if something like a dating service eventually exists. And most certainly, it has been introduced and is named "PokeDates." Well, that escalated quickly!

As the name suggests, it lets people -- who have common interests in "Pokemon GO" and the alike -- to, well, date each other. They simply have to sign up on the official "PokeDates" site, state the kind of person they are looking for (via a questionnaire), and then simply fill in a schedule of when they have the freedom to roam the streets and capture a Pokemon.

"PokeDates" subsequently pairs up, say, "Pokemon GO" applicants, as reported by The Verge. The two will then each get a similar time and location -- be it in a gym or Pokestop. From there, the rest is history. Heck, they could even end up in marriage if the love eventually happens.

It should be noted, though, that the concept of "PokeDates" is not entirely new -- even if it choose to exist in "Pokemon GO" players. After all, it is built by an existing dating site called Project Fixup. The latter was launched way back in 2012. The only catch, however, is that applicants are being matched by hand - rather on the new tech of today which is computer algorithms.

Yahoo! Finance, on the other hand, notes about "Pokemon GO" players receiving an email (along with corresponding details) in order to personalized their "PokeDates" experience. In fact, it even includes a paragraph about their chosen PokeMatch.

A "Pokemon GO" player's first "PokeDates" is completely free and comes with a promo code. There is no need for money in order to sign up, while subscription fees and/or hidden costs are totally removed. Later on, members can efficiently arrange their own dates by simply referring a friend. Or perhaps, if they want, they can pay $20 for each date.

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