'Pokemon GO' Asia Servers Go Live, McDonald's Being Set As Gyms; Game Has Yet To Arrive To Malaysia, India?

As previously reported, "Pokemon GO" is expected to arrive in Asia (as well as Europe). And yes, the game has indeed been introduced to the largest continent in the world -- particularly in Southeast Asia.

In fact, the famous fast food chain McDonald's is being utilized as gyms. Meanwhile, it is still a mystery as to when the game will cover both India and Malaysia.

"Pokemon GO" was already confirmed to arrive in both Asia and Europe. The latter came first, as the game establishes its presence on the continent. And now, as reported by News Straits Times Online, Niantic has officially brought the titular mobile app to Asia.

The "Pokemon GO" Asia news first broke out when Japan was believed to be finally acquiring the title. Along with this, the game's dedicated servers for a couple of Asian countries were listed on MMO Server Status. From the Land of the Rising Sun to Hong Kong all the way to the Southeast Asia region -- the game has been reportedly made live.

The only catch, however, is that "Pokemon GO" has yet to arrive in Malaysia. Unlike the country's neighbors Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

Nonetheless, there are speculations that players from the aforementioned country might likely be sharing servers with Singapore. But of course, Niantic has yet to reveal an official announcement pertaining to it - let alone a confirmation as to when the servers will go live.

University Herald, on the other hand, cites Japan as the first Asian country to receive the "Pokemon GO" craze. What is even more interesting? The ever-popular fast food chain called McDonald's will be used as gyms, following its recent partnership with the game.

The publication points out an average of 3,000 McDonald's restaurants in the country to be part of the madness. After all, it is the nation that has created Pikachu and the rest of the Pokemon creatures.

It should be noted, though, that "Pokemon GO" was intended to go live in the aforementioned country in an earlier timeline. However, Niantic has to push through with the delay due to the worry of overwhelming the game's servers. Nonetheless, its arrival is a confirmation that the game will arrive in other Asian countries including India.

"Pokemon GO" developer Niantic revealed (via CEO John Hanke) that they did not expect for the game to achieve such international recognition. Hence they have to anticipate every possible issue pertaining to the game's servers.

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