'Pokemon GO' Tips, Tricks: Know Where A Pokemon Is Hiding, What To Do If Game Freezes

"Pokemon GO" has certainly become a worldwide phenomenon. More and more people are going outdoors looking for their next catch. And while the overall mechanics of the game is not a difficult thing to learn, sometimes, catching a Pokemon is. More so, if the app freezes. Here is how to counter these situations.

In order to catch a specie, "Pokemon GO" players have to walk down the streets and hope to find one. And most certainly, the activity can be quite rigorous, as they do not know exactly where the exact location will be.

Fortunately, as reported by The Tech News, "Pokemon GO" players now have a way to catch all hiding Pokemons without sweat. And this is possible thanks to an app developed by Nick Divona and Braydon Batungbacal (both of which are also avid fans of the game). It is called "Poke Radar."

The aforementioned "Pokemon GO" app gives players an idea as to where the locations of the Pokemons are. "Poke Radar," as the name suggests, uses a radar-like system that acts like a map. Using it can give fans the know-how as to where a specie is particularly sitting.

As of this writing, the "Pokemon GO" app "Poke Radar" is only available to iOS users. The Android version, nonetheless, is on its way. Apart from that, it also has its own browser and desktop version.

The "Pokemon GO" app has already become popular that Google itself is reportedly experiencing issues in handling requests. Interested players who use an iOS-powered device can check the app here.

Meanwhile, other "Pokemon GO" players have been believed to experience freezing whenever they try to catch a Pokemon. Basically, their app tends to freeze in the middle of acquiring a new specie. As a result, the creature is not caught.

However, as reported by Mic, there is a handy way to prevent such mishap from happening. The key is to close the "Pokemon GO" app (while in the middle of catching) immediately as soon as it freezes. After which, players have to switch their device to Airplane mode and restart the game.

When it says "No Internet Connectivity," they must go back to the settings and turn off Airplane mode. From here, "Pokemon Go" players will find out that the creature they are trying to catch is already in their Poke bag.

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