'Pokemon GO' Tips: How To Be A Pokemon Master, Acquire Eevee Evolution Trick, Capture Snorlax And Gyarados

"Pokemon GO" has definitely become a worldwide phenomenon, as more and more people are jumping to the hype. After all, almost everyone wants to become a Pokemon Master. Below are some tips on how to make that a reality, as well as how to acquire the Eevee Evolution Trick, Snorlax and Gyarados.

Be Better at "Pokemon GO" Battles

According to Neurogadget, "Pokemon GO" players must simply swipe from right to left so as to know who they are going to go against. After which, they will select which Pokemon to use for fighting. But in order to win a battle, players have to outsmart their opponents. For example, if it is a fire-type specie, it may be best to bring out a water-type creature.

Use "Pokemon GO" Lucky Eggs

In reality, "Pokemon GO" actually have some boost items to offer. Using the so-called Lucky Eggs can increase a Pokemon's level drastically. When a specie is being evolved using such, players will acquire a whopping 500 XP, too.

The "Pokemon GO" Eevee Evolution Trick

Speaking of evolution, a "Pokemon GO" creature synonymous to such term is Eevee. This Pokemon offers three unique types -- fire, water and electric, as pointed out by Mobile & Apps. They are called, respectively, Flareon, Vaporeon and Jolteon. In order to acquire the three types, players will need to have three Eevees (each costs at least 25 candy). From there, the pencil icon (near the Pokemon creature) must be tapped in order to give Eevee a nickname. To evolve into Vaporeon, use the nickname Rainer. To acquire Jolteon, use the nickname Sparky. To evolve into Flareon, use the nickname Pyro.

Catch Snorlax And Gyarados In "Pokemon GO"

Apart from Eevee, Snorlax and Gyarados are also the best "Pokemon GO" creatures to catch. Heck, they are even considered as rare Pokemons. How to catch Snorlax? They key is to hatch at least 10KM eggs, something that can be done to almost all rare species.

Gyarados, on the other hand, is no moonlight and roses. Catching this "Pokemon GO" creature needs a good amount of patience and commitment. But in order to capture him, a total of 400 Magikarp Candies are required. While it could mean 100 Magikarps, catching these kind of Pokemons is not that hard. They are commonly situated in almost every body of water.

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