Prisma Photo Filter App For Android Available On Google Play Store

The filtering app based on artificial intelligence (AI), Prisma, is now live for Android users on Google Play store, just over a month after launching on iOS.

As camera technology has greatly improved, smartphones have become over the years one of the most used photography tools. In some ways, the mobile devices are ideal for taking photographs, even more than dedicated cameras. They are with you all the time, they are small and they back your photos up.

With more photography being done on smartphones, it makes sense that photo editing apps for mobile devices are becoming more popular as well.  Without the need for a computer, Photoshop Express and other photo editing apps provide users the ability to make quick edits on the go.

A new photo editing application on Android called Prisma has become now very popular due to its very unique and impressive features. According to Tech Crunch, the Russian developer company has made Prisma photo app available on Google Play store just a mere five days after the app first launched in beta on Google's mobile operating system.

The app has become popular very fast, making its way up the top of the App Store charts in the United States. Due to the success of its Prisma photo filter app, there are already acquisition rumors around the Russian developer company that is behind the app.

The Android version of the app contains different filters and a large cross section of styles, from classical to modern to anime. According to Android Headlines, until now, while the app was still in development, Prisma was only available to Android users on an invite-only basis. Now, the photo editing app has become available via the Google Play Store to the general public.

The innovative app is not just a merge photo editing application. Prisma can help users to turn their photos into works of art. The application promises to transform smartphone snaps into "artwork" with "art filters" that change images into a wide variety of different sketch and painting styles with impressive aesthetic complexity and speed. 

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