Why 'Overwatch' PS4 Gamers Are Not Happy With Blizzard; Director Jeff Kaplan Explains One-Hero Limit In Game's Competitive Play

"Overwatch" PlayStation 4 players have been experiencing some serious issues after an in-game bug surfaced. And sadly, up until now, it has yet to be fixed by Blizzard. Hence most fans using the said console are completely disappointed. Meanwhile, the game's director Jeff Kaplan reveals the decision behind the one-hero limit system in Competitive Play.

According to Polygon, "Overwatch" players are being bugged by an issue in the game's PlayStation 4 version. It reportedly affected several in-game levels, as well as some cosmetic skins and competitive ranks. The issue has already occurred for more than a week or so, but fans have yet to receive a fix (which will help them retrieve lost items and experience).

It all started in July 11 when "Overwatch" players of the aforementioned console claimed that their respective accounts have rolled back to between 5 and 50 levels. Aside from the drastic progress loss, cosmetic skins (picked from various loot boxes) have gone into the wind. And take note: these even include the legendary items. More so, wins were unfortunately voided.

Following the numerous complaints from "Overwatch" PS4 owners, Blizzard announced via Twitter their plans to look into the reports and come up with a solution. Although the root cause of the issue has already been distinguished, retrieval of the lost items and levels remain unresolved.

In related news, Kotaku reports about the reason behind "Overwatch" one-hero limit system in Competitive Play. In an interview with the publication, director Jeff Kaplan revealed their decision behind the move.

Kaplan iterated that if not for the "Overwatch" community, the said system would have not been complimented. And yes, with the changes they made, fans appreciated it. He revealed about how fans were thanking them for "listening to the community feedback."

The "Overwatch" director claims that by implementing the one-hero limit system, the Competitive Play will be much more competitive. That, in one way or another, it "is the right way to go." But of course, as he mentioned, the doors remain open for possible tweaks and improvements in the near future.

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