'Overwatch' Update: New Hero Is Sombra With Stealth Prowess? Decoded QR Code Seems To Suggest

Ever since the talks of the upcoming "Overwatch" DLC surfaced, speculations after speculations followed. It continues to haunt fans, as they have no idea what Blizzard is really up to. Nonetheless, with the recent reports, it looks like they now have a clue about the identity of the next character to join the roster.

According to Express, when the studio recently released a video of Ana (the first "Overwatch" downloadable character), it ends with a short TV or static interference. And sure enough, it piqued the interest of many fans, bringing the discussion on social media sites.

For "Overwatch" fans, nothing similar happened to other video updates of sorts. Hence it might contain a clue to who and/or what the next character would be. To most of them, it is likely to be pointing to Sombra.

An "Overwatch" fan started a discussion in Reddit, seemingly interested with the aforementioned static interference in the Ana Dev update video. While it can go a long way, he still asked the community if some is up for decoding.

Fortunately, the "Overwatch" message was later on decoded by another fan through an online barcode reader. The numbers acquired were then taken into binary, after which the sequence was used to acquire a QR code.

This is where things become pretty much interesting. The retrieved "Overwatch" QR code translates to a Spanish message: "Was that easy? Now that I have your attention, let's make things more difficult." And take note: In Spanish language, Sombra stands for shadow. No wonder the clue was hidden in such way.

Game & Guide, on the other hand, cites Sombra as being a stealthy "Overwatch" character. In fact, in a video, the other heroes namely Reaper, Reinhardt and Tracer can be seen seemingly calling an invisible opponent.

While another "Overwatch" character is pretty interesting to see, Blizzard has yet to confirm the arrival -- let alone its identity.

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