Pokemon Go Guide: How To Catch Pokemon Outside Your Region Without Having To Book A Flight

Pokemon GO, an Augmented Reality game from Niantic, has taken the world by storm. People from across the world are on a journey to catch as many Pokemon as they can. Speaking of catching, acquiring the rare ones is pretty much difficult in one way or another.

After all, it would not be called as such if it is the other way around. And sure enough, there are creatures that only tend to spawn on specific areas (and even in some countries) -- these are called Regional Rare Pokemon. Here is a brief guide on how to catch them without the need for an airplane ticket

Mr. Mime In Pokemon GO

Mr. Mime is deemed as a psychic and/or fairy type creature in Pokemon GO. And like the ones we reported here at iTech Post, this kind of Pokemon is sometimes available in selected areas. That means for players to acquire it, they need to go specifically to a specific location. This specie, in particular, is rare in the four corners of North America, though some say they have seen one in Western Europe (London particularly).

Tauros In Pokemon GO

Tauros, in its most organic form, is a Pokemon GO creature rare in North America as well. This Pokemon loves to situate itself in dessert-like areas. After all, he is a bull-type (normal) specie.

Kangaskhan In Pokemon GO

Needless to say, Kangaskhan is heavily inspired from the beautiful kangaroos of Australia. Hence it is not entirely surprising if this Pokemon GO creature is rare in the aforesaid country only. Nonetheless, players in New Zealand have reportedly seen and captured such Pokemon, appearing in common areas such as city parks and industrial establishments.

Farfetch'd In Pokemon GO

Another rare creature in Pokemon GO is Farfetch'd, a leek-holding (normal), flying type Pokemon that is rare in Asia. Indeed, this specie is all over in Japan and South Korea. Players reportedly caught it in city centers and/or parks.

How To Get Pokemon GO Regional Rares

Surprisingly, there is no need to cross the borders and/or purchase a flight and go straight to the aforementioned country. The above-mentioned Pokemon GO Regional Rares can also be acquired simply through hatching.

VG 24/7 notes that hatching these extremely rare Pokemon is possible simply through the use of 5 km eggs, except for Mr. Mime, which is hatched through 10 km eggs. Apart from that, the four said Pokemons do not need any sort of evolution. Hence, farming for candies is not entirely a requirement.

Well, there you have it! Enjoy your Pokemon GO journey and do not forget to share your thoughts below!

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