‘Pokemon Go’ Tips In Capturing And Evolving Dratini Into Dragonair And Later Dragonite

Many "Pokemon Go" players are familiar with the Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite. Here are some tips on how to capture and evolve one of the most powerful Pokemon creatures out there.

As every trainer knows, these three pokemon are related since a Dratini can evolve to become a Dragonair which can evolve into a big and powerful Dragonite, according to Mobilenapps. All three can either be captured in the wild or hatched from eggs. Hatching Pokemon eggs to get either three of them is also possible. Unfortunately, the Dragonite is still the most difficult creature to find. 

Take note, however, that it will still require some degree of luck in acquiring a Dragonite. Still, let's start with the basics.

First, veteran "Pokemon Go" players know that both Dratini and Dragonair are usually located in places that have water such as rivers or lakes. Even fountains are known to house some of these creatures. Dragonites however, would rather hang out in parks, forests and even streets. Lures could also be used to draw them out.

Dratini creatures are fairly common in the wild. Its two higher forms are the ones that are quite difficult to catch especially the Dragonite. To catch them would require the use of special types of Pokeball namely, the Great Ball as well as the Ultra Ball. Players would need a lot of Razz Berries to bait the Dragonair and Dragonite out of their hiding places.

Evolving a Dragonair or a Dragonite is a route that many "Pokemon Go" players take, according to Mobilenapps. The Dratini are the easiest to catch of the three because there are so many out in the wild. As such, players should start concentrating on catching them first. Evolving Pokemon to a higher level would require the use of candies specific to their class.

"Pokemon Go" players would need at least 25 Dratini candies for a Dratini to level up to Dragonair. A trainer would need at least 100 Dratini candies if they want to evolve their Dragonair into a Dragonite.

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