Video of Rumored iPhone7 Lightning Earpods Leaks On The Internet

A certain video that shows the supposedly new lightning port earpods for iPhone7 is circulating on the web. Mobile Fun, a known retailer of smart phones and accessories in the United Kingdom, posted a video showing how the earpods look like and how it works.

Earlier reports stated that Apple will ditch the 3.5mm audio jack to make iPhone7 slimmer. They also plan to make it more water resistant, and removing the audio jack will make it possible. The rumors about it are having more and more credibility as videos like this are being posted. In the video, a man is explaining the new feature of iPhone7.

The Next Web pointed out that the earpods in the video are very similar to the ones in the leaked photos. Also, they said that it is likely true because accessory sellers are always credible with things they release. They are almost always right with things they tell the public. In addition, it is likely impossible to make a mockup version of the earpods just for some views.

However, many people are still skeptical about the earpods shown in the video. 9 to 5 Mac stated that nobody knows as to whether Apple will sell earpods with iPhone7. Moreover, people are saying wireless earpods would be impossible since it is more costly. On the other hand, there are alternatives which the consumers can buy and most of them are definitely cheaper.

The video has 43,000 plus views and 200 dislikes. People in the comment section are saying the earpods are fake because the whole cable is not being shown. There were also comments saying the new feature is dumb because users can not charge the phone while listening to music. As of the moment, nothing is final. People will have to wait for the official statement from Apple. 

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