No Man's Sky First Update Arrives, Brings Massive Changes

No Man's Sky developer Hello Games revealed that they are resetting the game's servers prior to its official launch this August 9. The studio also iterated their plans to unleash the title's first ever update, bringing lots of changes. And sure enough, the forthcoming game is set to become a whole lot different from what fans expected it to be.

According to Mashable, the first No Man's Sky update - patch 1.03 - will go live on August 9. The video company's founder and the mastermind behind the title, Sean Murray, revealed the massive changes the aforementioned update brings.

Virtually speaking, most of the graphic details of No Man's Sky has been re-tooled in one way or another. From the generation of a planet's geology all the way to every introductory scene, patch 1.03 redefines everthing we have heard about the game so far.

Moreover, No Man's Sky update 1.03 includes the so-called "Three Paths." The latter are basically unique paths in which players have the freedom to follow. Overall, these paths significantly changes the game's entire progression from Point A to Point B.

Update 1.03 also introduces a couple of narrative add-ons to No Man's Sky. Aside from that, technical changes in terms of ships, tools and atmosphere, among others, are included. Furthermore, players can expect every gameplay mechanic (survival, trading and feeding) to be a lot more in-depth and strategic than they were before.

It should be noted, however, that the patch will break the saved game's progression in No Man's Sky, as claimed by Sony. Nonetheless, Murray explained it differently. That although the saved files will still work, continuing all progress prior to the patch is synonymous to missing out the changes brought to the early game, as reported by Inverse.

Interested players can check the full patch notes for No Man's Sky update 1.03 here. The title is expected to arrive on August 9 for PlayStation 4. Its PC release, on the other hand, will follow on August 12 via Steam.

What are your thoughts about the first No Man's Sky update? Have you pre-ordered the game already? Let us know in the comments below!

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