No Man's Sky A Disappointment With Just 30 Hours Of Gameplay?

After all the hype (and controversies, too), it seems No Man's Sky is just merely 30 hours of gameplay. This was revealed following a leak of the game's official copy online. And obviously, this is something that does not sit well to most fans -- let alone the reported leakage.

According to University Herald, a No Man's Sky player revealed via Reddit that he bought a copy of the --game for $1,250. He said to have acquired it via an online auction website -- and this despite the game being not officially out yet. As of this writing, he continues to publish in-game footages and whatnots.

Following the leakage, many fans believe that No Man's Sky can be completed in mere 30 hours of gameplay. And this goes without saying that Hello Games claim it to be hundreds of hours. The secret lies on how the game can actually be fast tracked, letting players go directly to the game's core. This can be done by using warp jumping. Without it, the journey to the core is certainly as what the devs iterated.

Polygon, on the other hand, notes that the name of No Man's Sky player who bought the game online is Daymeeuhn (his Reddit name in a sense). He also posted lots of spoilers -- all of which can be checked here.

The one thing that had helped him reach the center of No Man's Sky was reportedly an in-game item. The catch, however, is that its market value is quite high. Nonetheless, he opted to sell the item and used all the resources he had to speed up his means for transportation and exploration.

No Man's Sky creator Sean Murray advised the fans not to read and/or jump in to any spoilers. The idea is to preserve all the excitement and fun the upcoming title offers. Murray, via Twitter, went on to remind them about the amount of years spent filling and waiting the game. That, as much possible, "take a break" from reading all stuff about it. After all, players can experience it come August 9.

What do you think about these No Man's Sky spoilers? Are you also excited to reach the core of the game's universe? Go ahead and share your thoughts below!

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