Things Are About To Change With No Man's Sky, Update Brings Major Changes

There will be some major changes for No Man's Sky including a free update after the day-one patch is done. Sean Murray, No Man's Sky director, stated in their website that they will continuously update No Man's Sky in the next coming days.

One of the changes that will be made is the inventory space. The patch will also change the story, as Kotaku reported. It will also alter the way the planets are formed, its composition and the creatures living in it. It will also re-balance combat, change trading, feeding and survival. The game has also change the "paths", there are now three which makes it easier than before for people to find each other.

The universe will also change. Its atmosphere will be more hazardous, the terrain generation is more diverse with 128m tall caves in it. The trading will be deeper; feeding of creatures will be different as each has their own diet. Survival will be harder because of different environment and some exploits were removed because of cheats that ruin people's games.

According to Engadget, the latest update will bring most of these changes, which starts tomorrow. There will be more upgrades like their graphics will improve its resolution and the shadow quality will be doubled. The temporal AA might be added soon as it was very close to being added this time. In the coming updates, Hello Games will let the gamer build bases.

Murray also stated in the website that if you bought an earlier copy, you have to delete it to fully enjoy the new version. For those who do not have it yet, they just have to install the game and its update then play it after. These free updates will definitely let the gamer enjoy No Man's Sky better. 

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