Japan Parades 1,000 Pikachus For Pokemon Fans

50 gigantic Pikachus were on display for Pokémon fans and non-fans to see in Yokohama, Japan last Sunday.

There were about 1,000 Pikachus, 50 of which were life size, who marched the streets for all Pokémon fans to see. The Pokémon Company has been doing this event annually. They do this to attract visitors and tourist around the country.

Mashable reported that Pokémon fans and other parade goers went there in the hopes of catching a rare Pokémon for the infamous app Pokémon Go. Many people were also there just to see the cute life-size Pikachus in person. Many people took pictures and videos of the huge Pikachus marching on the streets. 

Though the parade was not completely related to the famous Pokémon Go app, Business World Online said most people went there to catch a pocket monster or Pokémon. Teruko Fujisawa, a 45-year-old lady, went there hoping to find different types of very rare Pokémon characters. She too is hooked in the game. Not only her, but almost every fan who watched and has played a game of Pokémon before is very much interested and addicted in the game now.

Pokémon Go was released globally earlier this week. It became a trend immediately after its release. There are hundreds of thousands who play the game all over the world. Pokémon has been popular even before the game as it was a popular TV animation in the 90's. Nintendo first released Pokémon in 1996 as software in Game Boy console.

Pokémon Go lets the player capture monsters on a real-life setting with the help of satellite locations, graphics and camera capabilities. They let the players train the monsters then later on, battle other players. The  fans are really happy about the game as it brings back childhood memories. 

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