No Man's Sky Drops Today! What You Need To Know Before Playing

After a series of ups and downs - from delays to lawsuits - No Man's Sky from Hello Games has finally arrived. Fans from all the world have been anticipating for its arrival. With the release of the space exploration game, here is what players need to know from the get-go.

No Man's Sky PC Version Is Delayed

Since time immemorial, No Man's Sky was expected to arrive to both PS4 and PC come August 9. Unfortunately, it will arrive three days late for PC  gamers, in particular on August 12. According to GameSpot, the studio is currently working on everything related to the release of the title on the said platform.

Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games and the mastermind behind No Man's Sky, said that they are "racing to get all the extra options and stuff" they want. Fortunately though, fans need not to worry. Murray iterated that there is no "conspiracy" or whatsoever behind the decision.

No Man's Sky In A Nutshell

No Man's Sky, in its most organic form, is about space exploration. It is the kind of game where players will get to traverse the vastness of its universe. And when the term vastness is used, it means a whopping 18 quintillion planets are involved. Players will find themselves mining for tools and resources, with the ambition to discover what is there to discover. And as soon as they find a planet or two, they can name it according to their preference. Surely, the game has piqued the interest of those who want to experience the thrill of exploration.

How No Man's Sky Works From The Start

First off, No Man's Sky introduces players on an alien planet. They have with them a spacecraft, with the goal to upgrade it sooner or later. Why? This is meant to reach the deepest corners of the game's universe with a common goal of reaching the center. But of course, there is no need to hurry -- they can always spend hours after hours discovering the mysteries behind a particular planet.

No Man's Sky Is The Largest Open-World Game Yet

By far, No Man's Sky is deemed the largest open-world game that has ever been made, as reported by Business Insider. Imagine the number of planets (18 quintillion) to discover -- let alone the fact that most of them have life (flora and fauna). But what makes the exploration more intense? There is no map -- absolutely none. So, in a sense, players will have to rely to their own instincts and decision-making skills.

Hello Game's Plans After No Man's Sky

In a Reddit AMA conducted by Murray, he was asked about his plans to venture out of No Man's Sky. That the possibility of Hello Games becoming a multi-game studio becomes a reality. Murray said that while they have every intention to support the current title for as long as they can, they also aim to introduce more stuff in the near future.

Have you acquired or digitally downloaded No Man's Sky already? What is the first thing that you will do as soon as you get your hands on it? Share away below, Nomanauts!

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