No Man's Sky Guide: How To Fix The Sprint Button Glitch

No Man's Sky has just been released, getting mixed reviews from gamers and critics alike. Simply put, this game is all about exploring a procedurally-generated massive universe. Hence it involves running -- a lot of it actually. However, there players who have reportedly complained about the sprint function. Not only is it completely annoying, it also takes the excitement away from the game. Fortunately, there is a fix to that.

First and foremost, yes, in No Man's Sky, players have the ability to sprint. That means they can go from Point A to Point B in a much faster pace. And what is even more interesting is the fact that it is unlimited. The sprint feature does not limit a player to a certain degree, most especially if it gets upgraded.

However, the aforementioned No Man's Sky feature is mapped to the R3 button (which is by clicking in the right analog stick) in the PlayStation 4. This is definitely antheexact opposite to how most -- if not all -- first-person titles work, something that can be done by using the left stick in order to command a run.

But worry not, No Man's Sky players -- there is a fix to that. According to Polygon, the key is to go directly to the PS4 setting so as to reassign buttons. It should be noted that Sony released a version 2.50 firmware update (back in March 2015), allowing users to gain access to lots of workaround and/or tweaks for the console. And yes, this includes the reassignment of a particular button on the DualShock 4 controller.

Below are the steps to fixing the No Man's Sky sprint function:

  • Go to Accessibility section (PS4 settings menu)
  • Scroll down and find Button Assignments
  • Tick the box "Enable Custom Button Assignments"
  • Go to "Customize Button Assignments"
  • Locate the L button
  • Lastly, press X so as to reassign it to the R button

That is it -- No Man's Sky players can now use the left stick to command a sprint in a breeze.

In general sense, for now, this is the direct workaround for the No Man's Sky's sprint function. Why? That is because the game itself does not allow players to remap any of the controls.

For players new to No Man's Sky, here is a guide to knowing whatever there is to know before playing it. Let us know what you think below!

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