What Clash Of Clans Players Want In The September Update

Probably one of the best things to ever happen in Clash of Clans is the highly anticipated update in September. Developer Supercell is believed to be releasing some hefty features during the said month, bringing some new excitement to the hit mobile game. Moreover, these updates are expected to change the overall experience of the title. While everything still remains a mystery, a couple of fans have taken to social media sites to share their hopes and wants for the upcoming big update.

As reported here at iTech Post, Clash of Clans will undergo a major overhaul following the release of the aforementioned update in September. It was revealed by the studio on the game's official forum site, letting the community know about what is coming. The admins even noted that the forthcoming update is unlike anything they did in the previous ones.

More Powerful Clash Of Clans Heroes

In hopes to acquire the balance needed without killing the thrill and fun, Clash of Clans fans hoped for the devs to introduce more heroes. And take note: they want those that can specifically perform well enough along with other bigger troops. The suggestions were made via a Reddit post, which can be checked here.

Make Clash Of Clans Mortars Stronger

Sure, mortars in Clash of Clans are already lethal enough to make a huge impact in battles; however, the community has suggested that Supercell should make it even more powerful. Aside from that, players want mortars to focus more on clustered troops. They even went to note about adding new levels, so as to give the weapon more damage capability. And like the mortars, they also wished for the wizard towers to acquire such changes.

Nerfing Clash Of Clans Troops Is Not Cool

One of the many changes the big Clash of Clans September update will introduce is the nerfing of troops. While the purpose is quite understandable, most fans just do not see it as beneficial. In fact, most of them were disappointed when these changes were implemented in the past. That rather seeing than seeing their favorite heroes being nerfed, they suggest on providing balance changes instead.

For sure, once the Clash of Clans September update arrives, there will be mixed reactions from the community. Some fans may not like it, while there are those who are totally okay with it. Well, it should be known once that day comes.

What are your thoughts on these possible Clash of Clans changes? Do you also think it is time for Supercell to apply penalties? Or perhaps give out stricter rules? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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