Pokemon Go Tip: Use Incense To Collect Rare Pokemon In Rural Areas

Pokemon Go players use Incense to lure Pokemon to their location. There is a rumor though that using the Incense in a rural area setting will attract rare Pokemon.

This theory was tested by a Reddit user named apavlinovic in the Rascane countryside of Croatia. The Pokemon Go player reported that he used five Incenses. However, he considered only four of them as good since the fifth one was lost due to his cell phone's lost signal. This rural Incense - Rare Pokemon theory was even posted in a YouTube video.

His total haul included 23 various Pokemon creatures although a number got away or disappeared due to poor cell phone network services. The Croatian Pokemon trainer captured a Rhyhorn and a Seal. These two Pokemon are the rarest he got since both have a rarity rate of .01 percent based on the Pokemon Go rarity chart.

Other notable captured Pokemon include a Persian (.03 percent), Weepinbell (.10 percent) and a Graveler (.13 percent). The rest of the haul included the common Pokemon creatures such as the Diglett (.33 percent), Meowth (.39 percent), three Geodude (.95 percent), three Sandshrew (1.12 percent), Nidoran (1.58 percent), Bellsprout (1.64 percent), Spearow (3.78 percent), Weedle (6.61 percent) and a Zubat (17.27 percent).

The Pokemon experimenter claims that this Incense rural test was conducted in a location where there are no Poke stops nearby for at least several kilometers. The testers also insist that they did not encounter a single Pokemon creature during the 20 kilometer trip to the rural test site. Several Pokemon trainers also confirmed the Incense rural area experiment.

Pokemon trainers who lived in the rural areas should try this method. To maximize its success, rural players must only use the Incense in a place where no known Pokestops, gyms or streets nearby. Trainers should also make that they are far away from any Pokemon spawning sites. This could help a rural Pokemon Go player level up their XP points in the same or even faster pace than his urban counterpart.

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