Minecraft Is Better Than No Man's Sky: Quality Trumps Quantity

Minecraft Is Better Than No Man's Sky: Quality Trumps Quantity
No Man's Sky, in terms of size, is twenty times larger than Minecraft. Photo : Atlas Horizon/YouTube

If Minecraft has a prodigy, it's no other than Hello Game's No Man's Sky. The latter, which boasts 18 quintillion planets, has surely beaten Mojang's title in terms of size. Of course, it's not fair to say that a game with such massiveness is already a notch higher than the other.

But still, the question remains: how exactly big is No Man's Sky compared to Minecraft? According to Kotaku, a YouTuber by the name of ibxtoycat was able to tell the difference between the two titles, as well as their respective infinite universe.

In a sense, Minecraft's overworld is approximately 60 million blocks by 60 million blocks, exactly enough on both the X and Z axes. If the blocks above and below are included, one may absolutely end up in a whopping large quantity of blocks. For those who are lazy when it comes to mathematics, simply put, it would take a couple of months for one to reach the game's edge.

Mojang's tentpole may be large enough (talk about 921 quadrillion), but it still fails to beat No Man's Sky. The latter having 18 quintillion planets is just twenty times larger than Minecraft. This means that for every block of the latter's overworld, there are around 20 planets to be discovered in the NMS universe.

In terms of quality and quantity, No Man's Sky and Minecraft differ greatly from each other. In the sandbox video game, players can efficiently interact with every single block; however, as for NMS, it is pure nothingness. Planets, despite being a joy to explore, is just plain vastness. Heck, playing it for longer hours will only result to boringness, as there's nothing else to do except to explore. But of course, No Man's Sky and Minecraft have their own potentials to share.

In terms of No Man's Sky having the power to hold players throughout time, it remains a question. In one way or another, players might finally get exhausted with all the infinite explorations they have to do. Because somehow, deep inside their hearts, they want something better than what it has.

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