No Man's Sky PC Version Plagued With Issues, Hello Games Updated Support Page For Fix

No Man's Sky has finally arrived for the PC (August 12), with PlayStation 4 users being able to experience it first three days before it. While the game was hyped to be among the best titles out there, it still received mixed reviews from critics and gamers alike. Apart from that, it did not escape the unfortunate mishaps of performance issues, bugs and technical problems. And sure enough, this does not sit well with most fans.

According to Forbes, No Man's Sky PC version, after it was released, introduced a handful of severe issues - from low framerates and crashes to general performance problems. Given the size of the developer (Hello Games), it is not entirely a surprise. In fact, the massiveness of the game is already enough to be blamed. Nonetheless, it is still very disappointing.

If No Man's Sky is to be checked at Steam, people will be surprised with the reviews it acquired. While there are some who liked it, most were just not pleased. In one way or another, some of the negative reviews are rooted from the reports of performance issues experienced by players in the game. This is clearly very frustrating, as the people behind the title should have known better beforehand.

Fortunately, No Man's Sky developer, Hello Games, has been very keen towards updating the community. The studio particularly mentioned their aim to resolve all issues as quickly as possible. More specifically, the studio is tracking all of the said bugs to ensure that solutions are given at a much quicker pace.

Hello Games also mentioned updating their No Man's Sky support page for PC gamers, where the studio points out each reported issue and their respective workarounds. As for the auto response (, it has also been updated to help in suggesting common fixes while gathering every possible information out there.

Lastly, No Man's Sky players who were experiencing the aforementioned issues should be happy knowing that the company has filed the tickets. Moreover, they should expect some response from the studio sooner or later.

For interested No Man's Sky PC players, they can check the full update from Hello Games here.

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