'No Man's Sky' Releases Patch 1.06 Patch For PS4 Crashes [FULL PATCH NOTES]

"No Man's Sky" game-crashing bugs on the PS4 are expected to be fixed by the time the game's 1.06 patch has been released. Developer Hello Games mentioned on its official Twitter account that the patch 1.04 was able to fix 75 percent of the bugs, while the patch 1.05 got 87 percent of bugs fixed. "No Man's Sky" patch 1.06 is set to bump the game-crashing bugs fix up to 90 percent.

Hello Games has been posting a series of tweets to explain that the recent "No Man's Sky" patches released have been incrementally clearing up major issues of the game's PS4 version. Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray's promised the "No Man's Sky" PS4 patch to come soon after since the PC version full patch notes were released.

Since the patches reportedly fixed a huge number of "No Man's Sky" bugs, Murray seems to have proven his words when he said that Hello Games is totally focused on customer support right now.

Additionally, Hello Games just recently brought in an internal QA team that is said to be larger than the group of developers who created "No Man's Sky." The developer announced that they will not stop until the game-crashing bugs issues are 100 percent resolved.

Hello Games also made it clear that the patches they have released include other fixes and improvements for "No Man's Sky" on PS4. However, the formal patch notes for No Man's Sky patches have not been released for any of the three versions.

"No Man's Sky" updates, according to Hello Games, will continue to be released which will fix the game-crashing bugs eventually. Murray also added that they will be launching new features to "No Man's Sky" only after all the current issues have been eliminated. It is important to note that Murray previously discussed that he would be integrating the ability to build buses and own giant space freighters in the game. Meanwhile, here is the gameplay after the initial patch came out.

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