'No Man's Sky' Update: What We Know So Far

"No Man's Sky" has been confirmed for a release in August 9 this year. It will be made available for PlayStation 4 and PC, with Xbox One still unknown. Just recently, Hello Games was under yet another controversy involving a Superformula, which was used to generate the game's entire geology. But fortunately, it is a thing in the past. For now, here is everything we know about the upcoming title.

"No Man's Sky" PC Release Delayed

Contrary to what was announced, "No Man's Sky" PC release is actually delayed. According to Polygon, the game will instead arrive on the said platform come August 12 -- exactly three days after its arrival in PlayStation 4. The studio, nonetheless, did not give out any explanation as to why the last-minute delay happened. It should be noted, though, that this is not the first time the game has been rescheduled. It was first believed for a June 21 launching, but was later on moved.

"No Man's Sky' Will Not Require PlayStation Plus Subscription

It was believed that "No Man's Sky" will need it on Sony's system. But recent reports suggest that it will not. This means that the game can be played online despite no PlayStation Plus subscription. Nonetheless, player will have to ensure that their connection is working properly in order to register with the system's universal atlas. The latter basically refers to a compendium of sorts in which gamers have to contribute to -- something that can be done through discovering alien-life and planets, among others.

"No Man's Sky" Multiplayer Is a Myth

In reality, "No Man's Sky" is no multiplayer game. In fact, game creator Sean Murray already explained it in various interviews in the past. That, contrary to what fans believe, the forthcoming title is no way a multiplayer game -- let alone it will have such campaign. Murray also iterated how players may end up with a planet previously visited by other gamers.

"No Man's Sky" Latest Trailer Showcases Trade

TechnoBuffalo reports that the third "No Man's Sky" trailer has been unleashed, showcasing the multiple trades player can do in the game. Trade is, in its most organic form, one of the four pillars. So far, Explore and Fight have been covered, with Survive being last on the list. The last one might likely be revealed in the next few days or so.

Trading in "No Man's Sky" allows players to connect with other alien races. In fact, they can even upgrade themselves, as well as their ships and guns. Check out the trailer below!

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