No Man's Sky Players Asking For Refunds Are Thieves, Says Content Director From Sony

No Man's Sky from Hello Games is a very ambitious game. Featuring 18 quintillion planets -- all procedurally generated -- it's safe to say that its scope is indeed quite massive. Unfortunately, many players believe that the title is half-baked. That, in one way or another, the features the developers promised before weren't even present in the game. Now, fans are seeking refunds. But if there's one person who seems to have not liked the refund thing, it's no other than Sony's Shahid Kamal Ahmad.

According to Inquisitr, the studio's continuous struggle with No Man's Sky PC version is one of the many reasons gamers are starting to get disappointed with the game. From offering unwanted features to a good relative number of bugs/issues, the title isn't just as exciting as it was previously projected.

As a result, Steam has recently started accepting refund processes from PC users of No Man's Sky. And take note: this is regardless of the playtime a player has accumulated since day one. Moreover, both Sony and Amazon US have also taken refund requests from buyers. Currently, the game is being priced at $59.99 for Steam, Sony and Amazon.

No Man's Sky was launched on PC earlier in August. However, lots of Steam users who purchased the game weren't entirely happy about its stability and performance. And this despite the release of three patches, all of which were meant to handle the issues.

Slashdot, on the other hand, notes that the refund requests for No Man's Sky didn't sit well to Sony's previous Strategic Content Director Shadid Kamal Ahmad. On Twitter, he wrote that if a player requests a refund after playing the game for at least 50 hours, he's basically a thief.

Later on, Ahmad added that most No Man's Sky players are not really thieves. There are those, according to him, are "decent, honest people." And that without them, the industry would be nothing close to a success.

What are your thoughts on the current status quo of No Man's Sky? Are you also disappointed with the game? Tell us what you think at the comment section below!

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