Here's How No Man's Sky Players Can Process A Refund Even After Playing 2 Or More Hours

When No Man's Sky was first announced, lots of people were stoked with what the game could offer. After all, a geology of 18 quintillion planets is enough to intrigue them. Unfortunately, when it arrived, it didn't sit well to most fans. Some felt like the features promised weren't delivered, while others think that the game was just plain boring. Either way, Hello Games is surely drawing flak. Fast forward to today, lots of fans are processing refunds, hoping to get their money back. And as for those who are wondering if they are able to do so despite playing 2 or more hours, well, the good news is, yes -- they can certainly do!

As of this writing, the refund requests for No Man's Sky in Steam has snowballed to a thousand. In one way or another, this has surely affected the title's sales. In fact, from having an enormous 200K players, it has declined to nearly 85% since its official launch.

It is worth noting that the way Steam handles No Man's Sky requests is quite interesting. Normally, the company will only grant players who have played 2 hours or less. It's basically their way of determining which user is abusing the system. But as for the case of the aforesaid game, as reported by Game Revolution, fans who play 2 or more hours are allowed to process such.

There are even reports of No Man's Sky players being able to process refunds despite playing 9, 12 and even 13 total hours of playtime. For gamers, this is surely an impressive thing to have. But for Sony's former Content Director, these kinds of players are like thieves.

Below are steps on how No Man's Sky players can acquire their respective refunds.

  • Go to Steam's Help Page and Login
  • Click the Requests a Refund (for a recent purchase) button
  • Wait for 14 days or so to get the money back

For more details about Steam's refunds policy, most especially with No Man's Sky, check it out here.

What are your thoughts on No Man's Sky? Why do you think a good number of gamers have deemed the game as a failure? Have you processed a refund as well? Let us know at the comment section below!

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