'Hot Lava' Release News: Gameplay Trailer Reveals Klei Entertainment 3D Parkour Gameplay; System Requirements INSIDE

"Hot Lava" is reportedly the first project of Klei Entertainment to take on the world of 3D gaming which features a floor literally made of lava. The game is based on a childhood game, "the floor is lava" where children hop from furniture to furniture as they avoided touching the ground.

"Hot Lava" seems to recall the mechanics of the game as the gameplay features a ground full of molten lava that cause players to die as they fall. "Hot Lava's" adventure will reportedly unfold across the distinct worlds, from school hallways to the memories of Klei's darkest fears.

The "Hot Lava" game trailer released revealed a player exploring the insides of a volcano with screenshots of a school gym. There are also life-sized toys characters with visible screws holding their joints.

From the trailer, it looks like "Hot Lava" will be bringing childhood memories before expanding to more fantastical locations. Quite similar to the mechanics of the old game, if in any case the players step on the ground, they will die.

"Hot Lava" is a 3D game version of the perennial children's imagination game that comes with only one rule, that is not to touch the floor. The floor is literally made of lava although the lava does not appear to melt other things around such as the laundry basket and the teacher's desk.

Meanwhile, in order to play "Hot Lava," the system requirements listed includes Windows 7, 2GB RAM, DirectX 9.0 and a drive space of 5GB. Although there is no specific launch date revealed yet, Klei is reportedly taking signups for a closed beta at playhotlava.com as early as now.

"Hot Lava" is suggested to resemble a lot more like "Mirror's Edge" to it. Additionally, the game is also expected to support a multiplayer mode. Watch the "Hot Lava" game trailer here.

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