'CD Projekt Red' Is Now Worth A Billion Dollars, Could Make Way For Post-'Witcher 3' Worlds

Just shy over a year since The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was launched yet CD Projekt Red is still soaring high in numbers thanks to Geralt's exploits in Rivia - actually, I think it's all about how the developers treat their gamers.

The company has just released its first-half financial report for the year 2016 over the weekend. Its profits may have reportedly been slightly decreasing year after year, its Polish stock market value is now at least a billion US dollars. This has been made possible with great help from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, together with Gog.com - the game sales platform for CD Projekt Red, has earned them 69 Million PLN, approximately $17 million.

The result if CD Projekt Red's financial earnings have allowed the company's market capitalization to shoot up to 3.92 Zloty - $1.341 billion. Noticeable treats from the company's earnings have spawned the idea of operating in a post-Witcher 3 universe.

CD Projekt Red has plans to extend its Gog Galaxy platform so that it will include online services for Geralt's favorite: Gwent! This also provides a stable multiplayer infrastructure supporting the game's long-planned cross-platform play with Xbox One.

This movement would put Gog Galaxy in place with similar services to Ubisoft's uPlay, although CD Projekt Red has to discuss this with other technical providers and sort of 'bid' the offers to other open developers. With regards to this, Gamasutra has reported that CD Projekt Red has begun talks with GAEA, a Chinese game publisher to distribute its games across China.

CD Projekt Red has been known to take care of its gamer pool and in return they might have not much on profit but they are surely climbing their way towards success.

Here is a video on CD Projekt Red's financial results:

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