Nintendo Bonds With Indie Developers In 'Nindie' Summer Jam

Reports state that the relationship between the indie community and big time game developer, Nintendo have been gradually getting better and better. Over a couple of years, Nintendo has promoted Humble Bundle, a program for indie games, and launched its developer portal.

Bury the hatchet

In the past, Nintendo denied to let its indie leads to release statements to the press and also do not spend as much for them the way Microsoft and Sony are doing. This year, however, Nintendo would like to make up for the past by revamping its support for independent developers.

Indies are in for a treat now

Nindie Summer Jam, yep they called it like that, was announced yesterday by Nintendo. It is a sales and launch program for the Nintendo eShop, this highlights different indie games in scheduled periods. Details are to be confirmed.

Why the marketing push?

First - it was promised last year as per conversation with Gamasutra and Damon Baker, marketing senior manager, making it a long-awaited support for the independent game developers. Baker added that he got envious at Microsoft's Summer of Arcade and Spring Fever by Sony - the promotional titles may seem a theme for the summer or other seasons but the real virtue of the events is to be aware of global warming.

Second - it is a venue for the kick off of a plethora of indie releases including Nindie regulars Wayforward Games and Concerned Ape to promote Shantea: Half-Genie Hero and Stardew Valley respectively.

Bonus - giving lots of hints of the NX, due for a possible official announcement somewhere along the discussed timeline. Nintendo wants to make known to all what it can do for small-time 3rd-party game developers and at the same time attract the console demographics, scheduled next March.

Nintendo has certainly caught up with the times, mingling with indie developers via promotions and efforts. An impressive move from the veteran video game company.

With this new effort, independent developers will have some leverage by introducing themselves to the Nintendo market, a tactic to battle Microsoft and Sony platforms.

Good job, Ninty!

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