UFO Enthusiasts Raise Money To Explore 'The Eye,' A Portal For Aliens

A great majority of the human population use Google Maps to navigate their way from one area to another. Not only does the application provide people with the right way to get somewhere, but it also provides traffic reports in its own way. However, there are a group of individuals who have started to use this piece of technology for something else altogether: alien hunting.

The Eye

As Huffington Post reports, a group of UFO hunters are claiming that they found a "floating island," called The Eye, with the help of Google Maps. This group has concluded that the island is actually a large alien base located in Argentina. The island is surrounded by a small lake and is almost the perfect shape of a circle and seems to almost rotate around the lake.

According To The UFO Hunters

"Argentina has an over abundance of UFO sightings compared to the rest of the world," a UFO blogger shared. "I believe this is how aliens try to hide this particular entrance to their base." He also claims that the island is large enough to fit a 100 meter UFO. He also urged that the depths of the waters that surround the floating island needs to be explored further.

Donate Via Kickstarter

As such, a Kickstarter project has since been opened to help fund an exploration of the mysterious location. One of the scientists that are particularly interested in the area is Engineer Richard Petroni.

The Reasoning

Metro UK quotes Petroni as saying, "It's something real and accounts for several supernatural stories bearing connections to UFOs and other paranormal aspects."

UFO researcher Alejandro Agostinelli shares these sentiments. "The Eye is not a fraud," he said. "It is something you can see." He goes on to share that he has not seen anything like The Eye before, and that it is particularly interesting because it is in constant motion.

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